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About Backup 4 Less

Backup 4 Less was conceived with one primary goal, to become a leader in the arena of remote online backup solutions for personal and corporate data. Backup 4 Less is a sister company to Hosting 4 Less. Our parent company is 4 Less Communications, Inc. Our goal is simple, to offer both personal and business computer users, a remote online data backup solution with the same quality service and competitive pricing that we have been providing to our web hosting customers since 1998.
Backup 4 Less is housed in the same facility as Hosting 4 less. At Hosting 4 Less, we own, operate and maintain our own Data Center which allows us to be in control of almost every facet of the backup process. Our Data Center features its own dedicated climate control system, backup power generators and 24/7 network monitoring. What this means to our users is that they are provided with a state of the art remote online backup system that is reliable, secure and simple to use.Dell System

All of our key core personnel are professionals who have years of vast experience in the internet industry. We are dedicated professionals bringing you the best service possible. 4 Less Communications, Inc. has never believed in out-sourcing. Therefore, every department of Backup 4 Less is located in our main facility. We do not out-source. All of your inquiries will be addressed in a timely manner, whether you're dealing with Support, Billing or our friendly Sales Team, you are never leaving the country when it comes to getting your questions answered or issues addressed.

Having control over almost every aspect of our operation allows us to put customer service first and to react swiftly to changes in the industry thus providing our customers with the best solutions possible for their needs. Because we are able to think out of the box as one might say, we are able to assist many of our customers specific requirements when they are presented to us.

4 Less Communications, Inc. and its companies, Hosting 4 Less, Dialup 4 Less, and now Backup 4 Less is a dynamic organization comprised of a staff of technical and business experts that are committed to excellence. Our teams are dedicated professionals that are interested in your backup needs and have the experience and resources to meet all of your requirements. We all look forward to working with you in your endeavors to make backing up your data, secure, safe, and easy.