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Microsoft Exchange Server Online Backup Service

Microsoft Exchange Server Online Backup If you run transaction-based applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, Backup 4 Less reduces the risk of corruption by creating consistent, synchronized backups of both data files and transaction files (logs).

Online Backup of Microsoft Exchange Server Screen Shot A plug-in for the Backup 4 Less client gives you brick level backup of Exchange, for easy backup and fast restore of individual data files such as mailboxes and calendars. The plug-in is not designed to fully protect an Exchange server.

Hot Backup

A MS Exchange Server is continuously operational. Therefore Backup 4 Less can backup the Exchange database without interrupting business operations; even during the backup window.

MS Exchange Server API

The Backup 4 Less Client software uses MS Exchange Server API. This makes the backup more reliable than the 'open file' type of backup.

Automatic backup by schedule

Backup 4 Less acknowledges the need of a daily backup of the changes made in the MS Exchange Server database. The Client Software is capable of making an ‘incremental’ backup, so only the new email and calendar items are backed up.

Folder level backup

Next to the full MS Exchange Server backup, the client software also includes a plugin for the MS Exchange Server backup on folder level. This plugin is designed to facilitate an easy backup and fast restore of individual mailboxes, contacts, calendars etc.


Backup 4 Less is currently available for Microsoft Exchange Server 2003, Exchange 2007 and now Exchange 2010!