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FAQ Can Backup 4 Less make a backup of files even if I?m working with a file?

Yes. The technology used in Backup 4 Less is capable of making a backup of your files while you are using them. This is very a convenient feature. For example, for the backup of your e-mail (while Outlook is operating) or a Word or Excel file you are working with.

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FAQ Can I define the maximum bandwidth of my Internet connection that Backup 4 Less utilizes?

Yes. To ensure that Backup 4 Less does not impede other Internet activities when performing backups, you can set the maximum bandwidth percentage Backup 4 Less can utilize.

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FAQ How are errors during backups reported?

Error messages may arise under various circumstances. You can view error messages in the Client under „Logs and Reports?. You will also receive a notice of each backup or restore by e-mail. It is also lists any error messages. The dashboard of the Backup 4 Less Client also clearly states the status of your backups, so that you know at a glance whether your files have been securely stored.

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FAQ Is the Backup 4 Less Client kept up-to-date automatically?

Yes. If you like, the Backup 4 Less Client can automatically download and execute software updates.

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FAQ Can I delete my backed up data from the Backup Storage Server?

Yes. You can easily delete files in the Backup 4 Less Client. Click on "Restore data" to view all the information on the Backup Server. Select the data to be deleted (you can select multiple files or folders). Click "Delete" to delete the data from the backup storage server.

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FAQ What happens if I haven't made a backup?

If you have not made a backup, you will be notified by e-mail.

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