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FAQ What is Backup 4 Less?

Backup 4 Less makes automatic backups of your files online. Your files are safely stored in a secure data center and can be easily retrieved any time necessary.

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FAQ What do I need to use Backup 4 Less?

You will need a computer, broadband internet connection, and the Backup 4 Less Client. Using the Client, you can select the data you want to backup online.

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FAQ What are the advantages of Backup 4 Less compared to conventional backup techniques, such as tapes, CD-ROMs, etc.?

  • Backups are made automatically, so you don?t have to worry about it.
  • Data is stored externally. In case of fire in your home or office, for example, both your computer and your backup (CD-ROM or tape) can be damaged. This risk is non-existent with Backup 4 Less.
  • Predictable monthly costs.
  • Simplicity. You are assured of safe backups through a simple and one-off step.

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FAQ Are my backed up data files private?

Yes. Upon installing the Backup 4 Less application, you will be required to enter an encryption key. This key is ONLY known by you. Without this encryption key, your data is not retrievable by you, anyone else or even Backup 4 Less.

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