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Home User Plan
Backup 4 Less backs up your critical files and emails automatically, every day. You don’t need to do anything. You can always access all computer data 24 hours a day. Restore your data files after a corruption, retrieve them when you travel, or replace lost data if your laptop is stolen. It's secure, simple and affordable.

The Home User Online Backup Plan offers a complete backup solution with plenty of offsite storage space, unlimited scheduled backups, and many additional features.

Certified for: Windows Vista Windows 7

Home User Online Backup Plan
User Friendly 
Backup your files / documents / email Yes
Easy Backup and Restore Wizard Yes
Support for files greater than 3GB Yes
Encrypted, private file transfer Yes
External Drive Support (USB, FireWire, etc.) Yes
Unlimited Backups Yes
Support All File Types Yes
Multiple File and File Archiving Yes
Automatic, continuous backups Yes
Custom backup scheduling Yes
Email Alerts Yes
Auto Compression Yes
Restore your files anytime, anywhere, any place Yes
Install on Multiple Computers Yes
Automatic Microsoft Outlook file detection and backup Yes
Registry / System State Backup Yes
Easy Recovery, Quick File Access Yes
Encrypted private files on the server Yes
Private encryption key Yes
Proxy and Firewall Support Yes
Supported Software  
Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Linux, and Mac OS X Yes
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